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Top Tours & Activities in NHA TRANG

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London City is the largest city in Vietnam and is full incredible places to visit. You will discover all of the beauty and history that Ho Chi Minh has to offer by touring it's amazing destinations. Begin by visiting the Reunification Palace, this palace was the President of South Vietnam's home during the Vietnam War.

Continue by visiting the Mekong Delta, this showcase of Vietnam landscaping is nourished by the Mekong River, the largest river in the world. Another must see are the Cu Chi Tunnels, located under the city they cover 75 miles and were used in the Vietnam War as hiding spots. The Vietnamese government has preserved these tunnels as a war memorial. Boobie traps can still be seen in these complex underground tunnels.

Finish off your trip with a visit to the Opera House. This stunning music hall was originally built in 1897 by the French for opera performances. In 1956 the Opera House was transformed into the home of the Lower House Assembly of South Vietnam. In 1975 it was once again used for concerts. A perfect example of French Colonial architecture, the Opera house was renovated in 1995. Touring these Ho Chi Minh City destinations will give you a greater appreciation of the culture and historical importances of this amazing region in Vietnam.