Terms of Business

To my friends and colleagues. To the people I work with.

From my friends and colleagues in Australia, America and Britain, I have learned about a secret and special way to do business. It is a way that brings them many rewards.

Their way of doing business lets them work less while making the same money. It lets them use their extra time how they want. So they can use it to spend more time with their family and friends or they can use it to make more money. It makes their life easier and happier. They can be hard workers but smart and happy too.

Their method works by sharing these ideas:

It starts by seeing that every person in a business must make money. Every business must make money and nobody can be left out. If someone is left out then a part of the business is broken.

Nobody can cheat any other person because this breaks the business.

Nobody can be greedy because this breaks the business.

This method only works when everyone works together like they are a part of the team. The team is bigger than their business. The team can be made from many businesses and many people. All need to know these ideas. All need to know it is true.

You must trust the people you work with.

You must make sure that everyone gets a fair amount for their product and service.

They use fixed prices, fixed percentages and they never cheat each other.

Using fixed prices and fixed percentages and building trust means they don't spend time calculating every deal. They don't waste time bargaining every deal. They are not always looking for the cheapest. They spend good money to buy good products and good services. They can make their customers happy with their products and services. People get better products and better services and their customers come back to them again and again. Their customers bring their friends and family and they are happy and the business grows.

With extra time and extra customers and extra money they can build a happy business and a happy life.

Would you like to build a happy business and a happy life together with me?

Let us be a team